Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Obama Administration Wants it Both Ways on Ethanol

The Obama Administration in it's first 100 + days has seemingly taken both sides of many issues. For example, they passed a trillion dollar "stimulus" bill and then a few weeks later floated press releases that they were going to balance the federal budget within the next few years and then proceeded to identify about $100 million in "waste". This isn't even enough to make dent on the federal debt, but it did make for a good press release.

This week the Obama Administration EPA has thrown Ethanol under the bus and then announces an interagency taskforce to expand the availability of ethanol for consumers an attempt to increase demand:

The effort announced today, which will immediately assist the corn-based ethanol and biodiesel industries, would help reduce America's petroleum consumption by 11 percent and lower direct emissions of greenhouse gases equivalent to "taking 24 million cars off the road," said EPA administrator Lisa Jackson. But she described corn-based ethanol, the predominant biofuel in the U.S., as only a "bridge to the next generation of biofuels," adding that biofuels must "reduce greenhouse compared to the fuels they replace."

Even as they applaud the White House's moves, the powerful farm lobby and farm state politicians are readying for a fight.

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