Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Year's Late Harvest still Presents Problems

BERRY — One of the latest, wettest harvests in decades is still working its way through Illinois grain elevators, bringing with it higher costs, quality issues, safety hazards, and possible effects on affect prices and planting during the 2010 season.
Corn and soybeans aren’t rotting on the ground or in bins. But there is a possibility some of last fall’s crop will still be drying when the fall 2010 harvest comes in, said Robert Ramsey, one of the family owners of Ramsey Grain in Berry.
“These last two years have been a bear,” Ramsey said Friday, as he fired up two propane-fueled dyers attached to concrete silos. “We’re usually not running dryers this time of year, but last year we were drying corn all summer,”

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